Complex manufacturing processes require sophisticated controls with advanced features and enhanced capabilities. The DCP550 panel-mounted ? DIN controller/programmer is cost effective, simple to program and easy to operate. Its superior performance and enhanced flexibility improves the efficiency of processes.?

What Is It?

DCP550 is a panel-mounted ? DIN programmer/controller ideal for use in thermal applications and the control of process variables such as temperature, humidity, flow and pressure. Two models of the device are available?a single-channel unit, DCP551 and a dual-channel unit, DCP552. While DCP551 is available with one or two inputs and has one loop of control, DCP552 comes with two inputs and two loops of control. In addition, a carbon potential model is also available with the DCP552.

The DCP550 panel-mounted ? DIN controller/programmer offers high accuracy, high program capacity and flexibility to users. The controller essential to controlling process variables is easy to operate and configure and comes with advanced features that enable users to save full instrument configuration for quick and easy operation.