The EDC201, EDC202 and EDC203 industrial controllers provide precise temperature control of single input and single control output temperature chambers, furnaces, ovens, dryers and packaging machines. The controllers are available in standard 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN panel size formats. Vivid and large 4-digit displays and keypad buttons enable intuitive product use and configuration.

What Is It?

EDC201, EDC202 and EDC203 are easy to set up and use microprocessor-based temperature controllers with large 4-digit displays used for single input and single control output equipment applications. They monitor and control temperatures using Honeywell's industry proven control algorithms that ensure precise control to a desired setpoint temperature. The controllers will also automatically determine the optimum PID tuning parameters via the Autotune feature, which is a single button tuning process that can be initiated on-demand at process start-up. Additionally, the controllers provide alarm output capability, digital input, timer and thermocouple input diagnostic status.

How Does It Work?

EasySet Digital Controllers measure an analog input temperature from a thermocouple or a RTD input and then compare this to a desired setpoint temperature entered by the user. Internal control algorithms calculate the error between the measured input and the desired setpoint and determine when and for how long the output control relay needs to be turned on or off to achieve the desired temperature setting.

The controller has displays that provide visual feedback regarding the measured temperature, desired setpoint value, output relay actuation, and control modes (manual or automatic). The buttons on the front panel of the controller help users configure it and scroll through the various displays and change settings. The controllers also provide relay outputs for alarming capability (PV, output, thermocouple status, controller status, etc.) and a digital input for initiating various remote controller actions (disable keyboard, start timer, alarm acknowledge, etc.)

What Problems Does It Solve?

EasySet Digital Controllers provide:

  • precise control using Honeywell's field proven process control algorithms
  • easy operation with one-touch auto tuning, bright and vivid displays, keypad for easy access to change setpoints and modes of operation, acknowledge alarms and modify device configuration parameters
  • reduced operational costs with quick access to information for status diagnostics, device data access and configuration changes.