Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow transmitters provide accurate information to measure mass flow, density, volumetric flow, and temperature of liquids and gases in a wide range of industrial applications. Honeywell' s VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow Converter, together with the relevant VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow sensor, significantly enhances product quality and productivity in industries such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and pharmaceuticals.

What Is It?

The VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow Converter offers advanced diagnostic functions, excellent long-term stability, easy installation and configuration, the highest process safety and industry standard outputs. A common hardware platform allows easy selection for the output options required, and is suitable for mounting in various integral and remote housing configurations.

Available in two versions, the VersaFlow TWC 9000 Converter and the VersaFlow TWC 010 Converter, it is adept at measuring multiple variables in liquids and gases, slurries and viscous products, determining the density measurement, concentration, and referred volume. It ensures maximum efficiency, process safety, security and quality control for users since it is designed with a redundant back up of calibration parameters.

How Does It Work?

VersaFlow TWC 010 Converter implements all sensor drive and signal evaluation functions into an integrated front-end electronics module permanently fixed to the sensor, thereby eliminating unwanted and expensive I/O and display functions. It is designed for use in OEM systems or packages where a PLC or DCS is already used for other functions. The TWC 010 Modbus communication is a simple four-wire interface connecting the VersaFlow Coriolis meter to the PLC/DCS. The integration of Modbus communicationThis allows programming, commissioning and measurement over a single data connection.?

The TWC9000 offers HART analog and FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols, additional user interface and a programming feature. Owing to the product?s split architecture, both TWC010 and TWC9000 need no reprogramming in the unlikely event that a unit fails and is replaced.

What Problems Does It Solve?

The VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow Converter offered with the VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow sensor enable accurate measurement of multiple variables. In addition, the system constantly monitors itself to maintain maximum performance and efficiency. This, along with the versatility of output choices and measurement parameters, makes the VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flow Meter an unmatched leader in terms of performance and process safety.